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Panther Chameleon CARE SHEET

Here are links to helpful care sheets that we have written.  We will update this post as we add more.

Lighting, Feeders & Supplements...oh my!


I also have to shoutout Bill Strand. He is an absolute invaluable member of the chameleon community with his research, knowledge and willingness to help others. He has an amazing podcast called the Chameleon Breeder Podcast and recently began the Chameleon Academy. I recommend these resources to people new to the hobby as well as experienced keepers. 


Chameleon Breeder Podcast 

Chameleon Academy 


  • We use Arcadia T5 HO 6% Forest UVB lights. We typically get them in the 46” length to go over two 24” cages.

  • Do you use the shade dweller bulb and fixture 12"

    Bill Warner

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