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We are happy to announce that we have partnered with the BeastMode Silks family to bring you,

BeastMode Silks- East 

Our Philosophy - Why do we LOVE what we do?

In the beginning, we started BeastMode Silks due to the lack of silkworm availability in the U.S. When we started hatching and raising them, we found we were very successful at it. When people found out that we had silkworms, they flooded us with requests to purchase some.

The more we heard from customers on how much silkworms improved the general health of their animals, we realized that our goal should include teaching others how to properly hatch and raise silkworms. By teaching others, general awareness would increase on how amazing silkworms are, as staple feeders, to reptiles, amphibians, and fowl.

Therefore, our goals evolved to include training future silkworm breeders on the complete care of hatching, raising, and feeding silkworms, to increase awareness and availability of these great feeders in the U.S. 


Silkworm Care

- Do not refrigerate Beastmode Silkworms. This will kill them. Maintain them from room temperature up to 84 degrees.

- In a pinch, you can feed BeastMode Silkworms a whole peeled carrot- they can live up to two weeks on carrot.

- Keep BeastMode Silkworms dry and uncovered. They will die from becoming wet & need a lot of ventilation.  We suggest transferring them to a larger container with no top.

- Do not clean out the container more than once a week. Too much handling will kill them.

- Feed a small, nickel size pinch of food daily for every 10 small, 6 medium, or 4 large BeastMode Silkworms.

-Visit www.beastmodesilks-east.com to order, access care instructions, contact us and sign up for promotional emails.