Feeder Supply Links

We try to breed as many of our own feeders as we can, but we buy feeders on a regular basis.  Here are our favorites!

Ghann's Cricket Farm

Josh's Frogs


Beastmode Silkworms

Rodent Pro


Shooting Gallery

Many people have asked us about "those green things" on our cages that our animals eat from and if we sell them.  We do not, but you can get them from our good friends at TKchameleons.



  • Hi there- we would recommend a “Shooting Gallery” from @TKChameleons, or making something similar. It is a plastic holder that you attach to the screen of the cage door. Dump your crickets in and they can’t really escape. The chameleons learn where to go to get their food and you can monitor how many they are eating. If you see the green plastic contraptions on the fronts of our cages, those are them!

  • Need help ! We just bought our daughter a veiled chameleon and it’s absolutely beautiful. We need help w feeding and way to make her enclosure. The feeding part is difficult, we are concerned about her not eating enough and the crickets getting out her enclosure all the time. What is the best way the remedy our situation.

    Stan Olmos

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