Terms & Conditions

Chameleon Purchases:

  • There is a non-refundable $75 cancellation fee for each chameleon purchased that is canceled prior to shipping.

Any deposits or payments above this amount will be refunded in full to the original payment method, less any fees paid to the payment service (ie. PayPal, Venmo, etc.). 

If contact cannot be made with you in order to send your refund, it will become store credit to be used towards a future purchase. No cash refunds will be given after 30 days of your chameleon purchase being cancelled.

  • 100% guarantee on the sex of your baby chameleon. 


  • We only sell/ship within the continental US dependent on regulations.
  • Shipping must be scheduled within two weeks of any chameleon being cleared to go home. If contact cannot be made with you or you are not able/do not pay the balance, your chameleon will be released for sale after the two week mark. See above section about cancellation fee and appropriate refunds.
  • Chameleons are only shipped FedEx Priority Overnight. There is NO refund on shipping due to arrival delays.
    • LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE: We will guarantee the live arrival of your chameleon only IF your chameleon is shipped to an approved FedEx shipping hub for pickup. We will provide you with a list of approved locations near you while preparing for shipping. Shipping to your home or anywhere other than an approved hub voids this guarantee.
    • ANY DOA claims must be made IMMEDIATELY upon arrival. No DOA refunds will be honored unless reported within two hours of a FedEx reported pickup. We may ask for a video of the animal’s body as proof. In this unfortunate event (it has NEVER happened before) the chameleon will be replaced with the same kind of animal if available, or an animal of the same value. Again, all overnight shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • We reserve the right to reschedule shipping dates according to weather/temperature concerns.

FramsChams Chameleon Breeders, LLC is not held responsible for:

  • Mistakes made by delivery service.
  • Damage incurred during shipping.
  • Incorrect shipping information provided by customer.
  • Stolen packages/lost packages after delivery confirmation.


30 Day Health Guarantee:

  • We only sell healthy, thriving chameleons that have all been thoroughly checked before shipment. We will guarantee those chameleons for a period of 30 days that begins on the day you receive your chameleon from us as long as certain conditions are met.
    • The chameleon MUST be given the standard of care that we recommend and send by email to our customers upon receipt of a deposit/purchase. This includes correct lighting, supplements, misting schedule, properly gutloaded feeders etc. You will need to send a video of your setup as proof of care. If you do not follow these guidelines, any guarantee we offer is VOID. 
    • If any issues arise during those 30 days, we should be contacted first and as soon as possible so we can review your general care (husbandry) and problem solve a solution with you that you promise to follow.
    • We are not responsible for any veterinarian bills unless you receive written consent from us BEFORE you go.
    • Please keep the reptile shipping box and contents in the event we decide to trade your animal for another. We will purchase the shipping label and send it to you via email to print. 
    • We will only refund you the original price of your chameleon in the event of an unfortunate death OR we will send you another chameleon in its place.

Refusal of Animal Sales Rights

  • We have the right to refuse chameleon sales to anyone if we believe that you do not have the best interests of the animal in mind or that you cannot provide adequate care for your chameleon. We may at any time prior to receiving your chameleon request a video of your setup for approval.  If you have ANY questions or need assistance PLEASE reach out to us for guidance as we are more than HAPPY to help. We always email a care sheet along with helpful links upon deposit/purchase.