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Collection: Female Panther Chameleons

Female panther chameleons are often looked over in this hobby unless a person is planning to breed them. They aren't as colorful as their male counterparts, which is true, however females have an amazing coloration of their own upon maturity. They will be bright pinks, peaches and purples that are so eye-catching. We also have found that many females have sweet and docile personalities, whereas their male counterparts are more reserved.

Once they hit maturity, they will need a suitable lay bin in their enclosure that is filled with moist play sand. Chameleons, like chickens, will cycle and lay eggs even though they have not been with a male. If they have no access to a place to dig, they could become egg-bound. Don't let this scare you off. If you provide these basic needs they will do just fine.

If you are looking for an AWESOME pet at a lower price point than a male, consider a female chameleon. They are sweet, quirky and beautiful. You won't be disappointed!

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