Small Silkworms
Small Silkworms
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Small Silkworms

FramsChams Chameleon Breeders, LLC
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Silkworms are an excellent choice as feeders for your panther chameleon and other pets due to their nutritional value and ease of digestion.

Small Silkworms - Approx. 1/4" - 1/2" long.

We ship your silkworms with enough food to last approximately 2-3 days (which gets them through shipping).

If you plan on keeping your silkworms for a few days or more, please order more food. We cannot provide more food in the container because the humidity it creates can harm the silks during shipment. Order it here - Extra Silkworm Food

*During the summer and winter months we HIGHLY suggest adding a Ship-Safe Phase Pack to your silkworm purchase to help maintain optimal shipping temperatures without spiking humidity levels-  Ship-Safe Phase Pack. If daytime temperatures are 40 degrees and below a heat pack should be ordered.

WINTER SHIPPING POLICY - Please read the full policy HERE

USPS Priority Mail Shipping:

Orders ship next day on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Orders placed Tuesday through Sunday will be shipped the following Monday.


We will ONLY guarantee silkworms that have been held for pickup at your local post office. Any silks delivered anywhere other than a post office for pickup will not come with the LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE. Your check (✔️) in the “HOLD FOR PICKUP” box will confirm your acceptance of this requirement. If there is no box to check, email us with the "hold" request. 

If your silkworms arrive dead, you MUST let us know within 8 hours upon receiving your silkworms. If requests come after 8 hours, we will not replace dead silkworms. We kindly ask that you provide a picture/video in your email.

Shipping in extreme temperatures (above 90 and below 40 degrees) voids the Live Arrival Guarantee.



Silkworm Care:

When the silkworms arrive, carefully pull the mesh out of the box and lay it flat on the bottom of a larger, open air container. Move the worms and food into the new container. The food that comes with the worms lasts about 2 days (through shipping). If you don't plan to feed them to your reptile within the first days of receiving, please order extra food or feed them mulberry leaves if you have access.

Care Tips

Keep silks in an open-air container.

Do not refrigerate your silkworms – they will die if too cold.

Keep silkworms out of direct sunlight and maintain them at room temperature.

Keep extra chow in the refrigerator and grate a small amount over the silkworms daily. They will climb to the top as they eat, leaving their poop below. 

If you run out of food, you may shred a carrot and feed to your silkworms. The silkworms might turn to an orange color, but they are still very nutritious.